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After you have gained either a Category C or Category C+E Licence you will be met by a wealth of opportunities to develop your career. HGV Jobs carry a strong demand for drivers meaning that although job competition is high, with our training and guidance we can get you into your new job as soon as possible

HGV Jobs

We work closely with our newly qualified drivers to ensure we find a suitable HGV position for your new skill.

Driver Recruitment

This rewarding career allows you to choose your desired working hours and rota, and there are also plenty of opportunities to move on to a more supervisory role once you’ve gained experience in the Industry.

There are many different recruitment agencies throughout the UK. Finding an agency after qualifying can lead to a quicker access into the industry. Although a tough and demanding industry, there is no substitute for a good hard day’s work.

Due to our stature and experience within the industry, we have many positive relationships with UK based Driver Agencies. These contacts are important to our success in finding HGV jobs.

Most agencies have a selection process which we have taken into consideration in your training. The selection process for many agencies covers hazard perception as well as reliability and enthusiasm to succeed and keep to strict schedules.

How good is your CV?

Along with the services we provide you with, whilst ensuring you receive the best training possible, we also can help you with techniques and key points to make in you CV to get you that interview.

Our online experts can look through your existing CV and give you helpful advice to help you learn how to sell yourself as a professional and driven individual.


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